About Patchwork Jackdaw

This blog is about making things, written by a compulsive maker-of-things.

I've always made things: firstly just for myself, later as presents for people*, and eventually when some recipients-of-presents suggested the idea, for sale out in the world and on the internet.

I mostly make jewellery, and you can buy it online on my website and in my Etsy shop.

I make lots of other things as well, although not in any consistent sort of way. Occasionally I come up with a way of making something that I think other people might find useful and think I ought to write it somewhere that they might see it. So that is what I hope to use this blog for, as well as a record of my jewellery-making and general ramblings.

*The first thing I "made" as present for someone was when I was 4. I found an empty plastic beer bottle that had until recently contained beer. It smelt of beer. I thought that maybe the way to make beer was to fill a beer-smelling thing with liquid, and this would then be beer. I filled the bottle with water, and gave the resulting "beer" that I'd made to my dad when he got home from work. He was delighted, although I think not for the reasons that I perceived at the time.