HiEverything you see for sale on this site is made by me, Helen. I’m a composer and musician, but sometimes I like to be quiet and make stuff and think, which is how I started making jewellery. I also like tea and macaroni and playing gamelan and riding my bike in the woods.

Patchwork Jackdaw is a completely independent micro-business, run from my home in County Durham, where I make and photograph all the jewellery, edit my website, and package and post out everyone’s orders. When you buy from this site, you’re directly supporting a small, independent UK-based business.


Why Patchwork Jackdaw?

There are almost always jackdaws hanging out around my house. They’re clever and curious birds and they stomp about on my roof, and I often see them doing weird stuff like poking at things with sticks. I can kind of identify with that: I feel like I spend a lot of my time poking at things with sticks too.

The patchwork element comes from the mish-mash of different materials and styles I use. I often make jewellery from things that happen to come my way – a lot of the pieces you can see in this shop are made from things that I didn’t seek out, they just turned up in my house somehow, and since they were lying about I thought I’d better turn them into something, like you would if you were making a patchwork quilt out of whatever scraps of fabric were available. Except while pretending to be a corvid. And with jewellery, not a quilt. Or something.

That sounded better in my head.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will provide Totally Normal Customer Service.


Designer/Maker, Patchwork Jackdaw